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    Question Queen walking on the outside of hive

    Per chance was passing my hive and saw queen walking on the outside of the hive. I placed her at entrance and she was seemingly accepted into hive as she walked into the darkeness.
    She is new (i introduced a virgin 19 days ago) but there is brood present so she is laying.

    I was thinking
    1. She was from another colony and got lost - but there are no colonies near me.
    2. She had returned from a mating flight - but there is brood inside.
    3. SHe was going on a mating flight - but there is brood inside
    4. There were two queens inside the hive and one was leaving
    5. eh couldn't think of another reason

    Anyone got a suggestion why the queen was on the outside?


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    If you have brood and more importantly eggs, than the queen is done mating. Chances are this was a virgin from a nearby hive that landed at the wrong hive. If I were you I would check the other hives for a laying queen.

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