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    Default Stings?

    Do honeybees half sting? I have been hit 4 times since I started beekeeping May 10. 1 leg 1 hand 2 face. Yet i never had to pull out a stinger:confused:
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    Yes at times I have been stung also had the same problem no swelling, no stinger this year only hit twice once in the face no vale dumb, she got stuck in my hair and watched her swing down like on a rope and hit me just above the eye. That time she left her stinger lots of swelling. I teach so the class thought I looked a little funny. it went down my face around the eye.

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    I have had a few hives since 2006. Up til this year stings were not too bad -few hours of minor discomfort. This year I got stung twice, just above the elbow where my canvas gloves stop. I wish they went all the way up to the shoulder. The 1st was not too bad -the 2nd I can still feel going on 48hrs later. It must have been a direct hit in an area that was already grazed


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    I only get half-stings through clothing. On bare skin I always have to scrape out a stinger.
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    In my experience with stings, the pain and swelling are directly proportional to how long the stinger stays in your flesh, pumping in the venom. Last week one got me on the fingertip and left the stinger in me while she flew away. I got it out almost instantly, and two hours later I had to push down on the area with my other fingers, just to feel it enough to locate it.

    I guess it could be possible that one got you, but for whatever reason (thick clothes, funny angle) didn't get in deep enough for the barb on the stinger to engage, and as a result, she only got a piece of you.

    Remember, the bees don't "eject" their stinger, it is RIPPED out violently when they fly away and it is committed to staying in you.

    I guess what I am saying is the bee could have had the hymenopteran equivalent of a premature stinger ejaculation.

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    I've had one stick me multiple times without lodging it, and the other day I had one stick in a callus, I had to scrape it out but felt no effect at all.


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