I have a 5 week old Nuc and there is a wet clump of bees that refuses to go inside even though it is pouring rain. It is not a big clump (child's fist size). I had a swarm last week from another colony so I'm a bit concerned. I inspected the wet clump colony a week ago and I'm waiting for good weather to take another look. Last week there may have been one queen cell cup on a frame but no other queen cells present. During last weeks inspection, I noticed that they were just starting to draw out comb in the upper deep so I presume that they have enough space. Does a colony feel cramped even with a deep of mostly undrawn plasticell foundation above them? Should I get ready to do a split when I inspect later today considering these circumstances?? Could a strong colony draw out and fill (pollen and nectar)six frames in 6 days? We have had a heavy flow on with the sumac. My lack of experience makes preparation more difficult when I don't really know what they like and what they are capable of. Thank you,