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    Default Chemicals in wax question

    I read this on Mr. Bush's site (If you have clean wax (no chemicals in the hive) your queens usually last about three years. If you don't have clean wax, your queens usually only last a few months.)
    Does this mean from pesticides from outside sources or from chemicals to treat hive pest ect.?
    Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but trying to learn all we can to do what is best for the bees.

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    The less chemicals, the better. Usually the threat is from whatever the bees come into contact with as they are out foraging, but some of the stuff we put into the hive will build up over time in the comb and can be just as bad.
    Apistan, for example, is used to control varroa mites. The idea is to kill an insect on another insect without killing the other insect. :confused::confused: While the strip that you put into the hive may be very effective at this by itself, you don't have any way to know how much residue is left behind on the comb. Over time, you may build to levels that are unhealthy for the bees.
    BUT, there are alot of pests/diseases out there that will kill your bees or at least keep them from performing if you don't get it handled.
    Welcome to the dilema: to treat or not to treat.


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