Hello all,
I started one hive last year. I tried my best, as a novice, to do all the right things, mostly according to what I read in books. Unfortunately, they died over the winter, probably because it was too cold. I neglected to cover the hive with tar paper as (I think?) one should do.

Now today I finally got around to cleaning out the hive, removing the dead bees. I scraped up stray bits of wax, propolis and comb, removed 3 frames that were full of honey. I plan to extract these tomorrow. Fortunately I have all the equipment I need, including a 6-frame extractor.

Next year I would like to get another package of bees for this hive. The frames were brand new last year. Can I reuse any part of the frames, and how would I do this? The current frames have the plastic foundation on them. Or should I just toss them all and start over? If the bees had survived, they would be using this hive again so perhaps I can keep them? If I have to clean them up and/or put in new foundation, what is the best way to do this? Maybe freezing them to facilitate scraping? What about cleaning up the rest of the boxes? Would the new bees reject the hive or suffer adversely if they are in the home of previous bees?

Thanks for your help.