I am going to inspect my 2 hives soon—small one first. First year nuc, had it 4 weeks now, using full size hive bodies. They filled first one up but left one or two new frames undrawn and I put a second deep on since they were at the 70 % rule. The 2nd story had ALL drawn comb (due to a gift from mentor) and the queen moved right up and started laying. I got at least 3 frames of capped brood up there. The number of bees in this hive is increasing.The flow is on but they drink one gallon of 1:1 sugar water in 5 days. I am thinking about diving into the lower box to see what they are doing down there…I can see one of my new frames is still undrawn. Should I…flip boxes around…move frames around..leave it alone…or stop beekeeping before I expand to 5 hives next year and drive myself nuts??!!!

Gun—who is still hoping for clover honey from my better hive--