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    Default More than 2 deeps?

    I searched for the answer, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for...sorry if it's been asked and answered.

    I currently have 2 deeps full of brood, pollen, etc...and 2 medium honey supers, 1 of which is nearly full. Should I inspect the brood boxes to see if they have enough room? And what's enough room....2 or 3 drawn but open frames for her to lay in? If 'crowded', should I slap on another medium for the brood?

    This is my second year and they were fine in 2 deeps last year over winter, but I don't want to overcrowd them if I can help it nor do I want to give them too much space for winter.


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    seems like enough brood space to me, i would just make sure there is plenty of room for any necter that might be coming in.

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    I'm still not sure why, in a much warmer climate, 2 deep brood chambers is deemed to be necessary?
    In Ontario many of us have been switching over to singles (and we over winter in singles as well.) Better treatment of colonies is an added benefit. I haven't experienced much in the way of losses and last winter the bees were inside for 5 months.
    One downside is you really have to be on top of the colonies to stop swarming by supering early.

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    Also with singles, when strpping supers, you have to really watch their food stores. A stronge hive, stripped of its food will add termendous stress to thier situation. Doubles will give you some leg room if needed.
    a few years ago, one fellow told me he was stripping off his supers and made a feeding round that following night. little to no nectar comming in at the time of the final pull, so feeding was needed.
    Ian Steppler >> Canadian Beekeeper's Blog


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