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    Default It's happened again...12 million bees on the loose...

    Canwest News Service
    Published: Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Professional beekeepers were stationed at a portion of the Trans Canada Highway in New Brunswick yesterday, trying to figure out how to transport millions of honeybees back to Ontario. Twelve million bees were being returned home when the transport truck carrying the crates flipped after its load apparently shifted yesterday morning. RCMP Sgt. Derek Strong said the impact of the rollover near St. Leonard, N.B., smashed the hundreds of crates inside and opened the back of the truck. "The beekeepers tell us they won't move the load until dark because, at dusk, the bees that are out will return to their hives," Sgt. Strong said.



    I like the shot of the photographer doing the 'bee dance'.
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    I guess a story sells better with "12 million bees" rather than a "semi load of hives",

    Its happened before, but the way this one has been covered has gotten everyone in my area asking questions.
    Even to the point where one has asked, if it was going to cause a shortage of bees this season!
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