This year I started two hives from 2lb Carni packages, both on one drawn deep. Once they started getting that filled, I added a deep of undrawn Mann Lake PF-120s. We got some good warm weather and a flow, and they have been drawing it nicely for about a week. One hive has 5-6 drawn frames, the other 2-3.

So I've started thinking about my strategy for adding honey supers on these hives if the time comes when things start getting crowded. I could always throw a medium on, let them draw that out and see what happens. But I also wondered if it might be smarter to throw a third deep on and let them draw that and overwinter with three deeps.

My thought was this would be a good way to get two more deeps of drawn foundation, which I could then pull off and put two packages on next spring. I'm starting to buy into the "drawn foundation is one of the beekeepers biggest assets" school of thought, and this seemed to be a good way to get packages off on a good start next spring.

Thoughts? Am I crazy?