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    Default Introduced queen and queen cells?

    I made a mistake when introducing some queens and had made the colonies queenless four days before putting the new queen in. I got lucky in the queenless nucs as they released her and she is laying without any other cells spotted. But out of several two deep hives that I requeened- one they must have killed her so I left their queen cells. But in the other two I saw the marked queen on one frame happily marching around laying eggs and then several frames over four to five large capped queen cells. I assume these are the cells they started when I made them queenless for so long. She had been out in the hive for four days at least.

    Why hasn't she killed these queens? Why is the hive happy with a queen and still making queen cells?

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    Recently emerged virgin queens, search out and destroy queen cells - mated, laying queens seldom do.
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