This is really starting to wrack my nerves. We just had a huge thunderstorm. I went out to peek on them, and the layer of bees that were covering the front of the hive had clumped up, all faced the same way, and many had tried to crowd into the handle notch. BUT THEY WOULDN'T GO BACK INSIDE!!! Here it is now, 20 degrees cooler and in the dark of night, and they STILL aren't inside.

In case it is relevant, I have them on a screened bottom board, under a tree, less than 10 feet from a natural stream. Fenced in beeyard. Mulch. Four cinder blocks ("8"x12"x16") make up the base.

I shimmed the top cover with popsickle sticks, but they pretty much filled the gap with propolis.

Today, I spread the cinder blocks apart a few inches, in hopes of providing them with some air circulation from the underside.

I know there are more ventilations tricks, but could this bearding be caused by something else? :confused: