I have two hives at a particular location. One hive seems to be doing well...the queen is busy laying a good solid pattern and the workers seem to be happily distracted by their work. But I have a capped supercedure cell in this hive. This hive was recently (2-3 weeks ago) been requeened due to a missing queen.

In the neighboring hive I have apparently now lost my queen, and I think I have a laying worker since all the capped brood appears to be drones and the only eggs I found were in queen cells with 2-3 eggs in each. I am reluctant to requeen since these two hives seem to be a bit problematic, and I received them as nucs late in the season. The beekeeper I got them from apparently had some trouble requeening the swarms she put in them. So...

Could I take the frame with the supercedure cell, which is also full of capped brood, and give that to the queenless hive? Or would I be better off trying to combine these two hives? Or is it worth requeening? If I don't give the capped queen cell to the queenless hive, should I destroy it, or just let them do their thing?

Thanks for any advice.