As you may recall I had a million swarms this year (OK, not a million, but eight out of only two hives). Our state inspector came over yesterday (great guy!) and we were going through one of those two hives and found a ton of bees but no larvae, eggs or brood anywhere. We tore that hive apart (had three supers on it with two deeps). No queen found. But the strange thing is that the hive was gentle as can be and didn't act queenless at all. He suggested that I might want to combine one of my swarms with this hive. Seems like good advise if I don't have a queen in this big hive. But I guess I'm not convinced. The bees really were acting normally. And my swarms are building up nicely and I really don't want to "lose" a hive by combining unnecessarily. And then again, I don't want to lose this big hive by stupidity or naivety. Suggestions please?! Do I wait and check again this weekend? Go ahead and do as he suggests? Other ideas? THANKS!