I have three hives. One is just fine. My second hive has a laying worker(s) situation. The third hive has a queen (I saw her yesterday with her painted-on red dot), but all her capped cells are drone shaped – bullet brood. Her eggs are laid perfectly centered – one egg on each bottom of cell. The bullet cells are not in a consistent pattern though - somewhat random. Is she Infertile?

What should I do with her? If I were to requeen and can’t find the infertile queen, can I put my new queen in there and release her after a few days with Old Queen still running around in there?

My ability to see The Queen has always been awful, so I'm doubtful I'll be able to find her. If by chance I do find her, how in the heck do I pick her up and kill her!?

Thanx a lot for your input, opinions and thoughts on this..... Jean C.