I have two small hives which have built up pretty slowly. Both had to draw new comb on foundation and one was a captured swarm which lost its queen early on becoming a laying worker hive which I have just requeened.

In the last couple of weeks after reading some articles by George Imirie I finally really GOT how important drawn comb is and how important it is to feed a new colony to stimulate their drawing comb. So the last week I have started doing that and they are guzzling it down. I know I should have been doing that all along for these new hives but live and learn. It also looks like the nectar flow is tapering off in this area.

But my question is can this be a bad thing if they fill up the brood nest with syrup and leave nowhere for the queen to lay? I examined one hive today and it was loaded with nectar in the newly drawn comb. It is noticeably heavier.

I do have a couple of undrawn frames on each side of the brood nest so I don't think they would swarm from lack of space but I worry that they are packing so much syrup away that it will hurt their ability to increase their numbers.

Should I be concerned? I mean I know they need the stimulus to draw comb for brood but if they fill every available cell with artificial nectar what has been gained?