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    Default Honey Supers

    Does it make a difference to the bees or their honey production if you put two medium supers on the hive, for honey production, or just one and when it is filled just take the frames out and add new ones?

    When the bees are producing honey in the supers would it be a good idea to rotate the frames filled with honey to the ends and the bare ones into the center? I appreciate your impute.

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    I would add the second super, it helps several ways, if you don't run queen excluders I have found that the queen won't come up through the supr filled with honey to lay egg higher. Plus I have had many times that I had ten full frames of honey that were not capped, so I add another to make sure they don't feel cramped and head for the trees. Not to mention, extracting honey one time is a lot less clean up.

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