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    Default Black button sage

    For black sage to be pure, it will be water white and 14% moisture or less. Very sweet and mild. The great thing for the handler is it does not crystalize. Then I have customers that love calif. Buckwheat. It is amber , low moisture strong flavor.

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    Meadow foam is far and away the best, tastes just like cottoncandy. Almost to sweet. I bought some tupelo , its third right behind blackberry.

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    Big Grin

    You folks from the South who say Tupelo and Sourwood are the best...

    John Skinner spent a couple days with me in my apiaries last week, making nucs...we even went to the Mozart Festival at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe.

    Anyway, John "WAS" a lover of Tupelo and Sourwood, and I know both are world famous, and he is from Tennessee, but...

    Basswood comb honey is now his favorite. Mine too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bush View Post
    I have some very dark very flavorful honey from here. No idea what it's from. That's about my favorite, but I've only seen it once.
    Dark usually is the best I think. Buckwheat has always been my favorite, which is dark. It is hard to find someone that plants it anymore. If you do find a farmer who does. Ask if he would like your bees. You will be happy with that honey.

    Some famers, even tree farms use Buckwheat to put things back into the soil that they need.


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