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    Default Questionable honey

    As mentioned in another thread entitled "monster hive", I now have at least 10 gallons of honey and comb that came from a cut-out. Most of it was on new comb and has beautiful what caps.

    The problem is that, while the hive was in an open-air situation (not enclosed in a dirty wall), the nest was near and amongst old fiberglass insulation. There was nothing "dirty" looking or objectional about the honey, but being near the insulation concerns me.

    I never offer honey from a cut-out for sale since I don't know how it was handled before I got it and because I have taken honey out of some pretty dirty walls. I do feed it back to the bees for "reconstatutuion".

    Should this honey be ok to feed to the bees? Should I crush and strain to seperate the honey and save it for winter feed or should I just "open-air" feed it and allow whoever wants it to come get it (several hundred yards from the hives, of course).



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    I would give it to the bees. In a couple of weeks they'll have it in new comb and you can extract the cleaned honey. I would probably break it up and open feed, or feed in an empty super over a strong hive.


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