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    Default Feral Hive Cut Out Questions

    I have a very nice, strong , and a bit aggressive feral hive that i want to cut out. My question is what would be the best time in the day to do this? They are deep in a column between some posts on my porch so it will be a little hard to see all the way down in there at night unless i set up some lights. The other factor is that during the day they are very busy and active. I am using a beevac to do this. Also, should i save some of the comb and tie it in a couple empty frames? I've heard it gives them a jump start in their new hive if you do that.
    Any other good tips would be appreciated.

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    Save all brood comb possible. Do not try to save honey comb.

    Do it in daylight hours only. Bees flying are much easier to handle than bees crawling.

    Be prepared to loose the first hive you cut out. It takes practice to get it right.

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    I have found that early morning is the best. Yea the bees are there but the seem to be more tame. With my 8 hives they seem to be sleepy heads.


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