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    Default I agree that trapping out is great!


    I never said there were negatives to trapping. (Except maybe the wax left in the building, which becomes the homeowners problem, not mine.)

    I simply had never considered using your method. I have always used a small hive or nuc that I wanted to build up. Your way sounds great. It does involve more work, but you do get the benefits of several new, good hives.

    My other point is that, while I have not done a great number of cone trap-outs, I have never observed nor heard of a queen leaving the original location. The instructions that I have read (NOT my observations or experience) indicated that the queen would stay in that location and would die because there was no pollen left to raise brood and, eventually, few or no young bees left to feed her.

    That is why I ended my post with "I am open to correction or others opinion."


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    I have never found, or heard of anyone finding, a dead queen when the cavity was opened and the comb removed. I have never seen a hive starve out in mid to late summer that the queen did not leave with the last handful of bees. I have many times observed the queen leave a trap-out, sometimes entering the bait box, but most times heading for the woods with the last remaining handful of bees.

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    Default rain, rain and more rain

    My wood frames are getting wet should I worry, we have about 10 in of rain in the last week geting more now I have a wedge in the upper deep on all 4 hive.
    Wishing you all the best of tomorrows and good honey

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