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    Default Another trap out question

    I finally got around to doing my first trap out. I've caught numerous swarms over the years and I've done quite a few cut outs. Saturday morning I set up my first trap out at my doctor's house. The bees were going into his brick house through a vent pipe in the wall used to supply fresh air to his fireplace on the first floor. The bees weren't actually going up the pipe but they were going into gaps in the brick right where the pipe penetrates the outside wall. I assume that they are in a cavity somewhere in the wall itself since there is no evidence of them in the fireplace.

    Anyway, I set up a 7 foot tall stand beside the wall to get to the level of the bee's entrance and placed a hive with a frame of brood in it from one of my other hives. I placed a screen cone over the bees entrance and using masonry anchors managed to attach it to the wall so that the bees couldn't get back in. As of last night, Monday, some bees were still coming out of the cone and not too many are even attempting to get back into the wall entrance. It doesn't appear that any are getting back into the wall and most of the bees on the outside are now gathered on the front of the hive body and on the landing board.

    My question is this, how long do I have to leave this setup in place? Three weeks, four weeks, six weeks? Is there a pre-determined amount of time to leave the cone on the wall or do I have to wait until there are no more bees coming out? The doctor and his wife don't seem to have any problems with the set up but I don't want to leave it there any longer than I have to.
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    Leave it until 7 days pass without a bee coming out of the cavity.

    Better to leave it too long than not long enough.


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