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    Default Extractor purchase advice

    Well, I am going to take the plunge and purchase an extractor. Myself and my brother in law have 4 hives combined (more to come I am sure).
    I have narrowed it down to two models to choose from based on advice I have seen on this forum. Essentially buying more than what I need now for the future, as I don't want to have to sell a smaller one for a loss and put more money into a bigger one.
    The choices are: 1) Maxant 1400 radial
    2) Mann Lake HH215 (18/9) powered

    There is a 340.00 dollar difference that makes me definatly lean towards the mann lake model, however, shipping will absorb almost all of that. Maxant is down the road from me a bit so can pickup.
    So.... My question is does anyone have any first hand experience with these models that might sway me one way or another. I think I like the electronic speed control of the mann lake model, and am not really clear how the Maxant 1400 control works (leather oil washer)? My guess is Maxant is better grade of SS but not sure.
    Any advice.. please chime in.

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    Both good choices. Maxant is probably a bit heavier. This chart is several years out of date on prices, but the other specs are probably still good.


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