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    Default Entrance reducer setting question.

    Here is my first question to the forum. I started a new hive last month, first one by the way. I have the entrance reducer set at the smallest opening. The weather for the next 7 days will be over 90 degrees in Northern Ky. Should I be taking the entrance reducer out, or changing it to the larger opening, or leave it alone bec it is a new hive. I was thinking they would need more air because of the heat.
    Thanks for your advice.

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    I'd worry more about giving the heat a place to rise up and out of the hive. You could try to prop the top cover a little or add additional ventilation using shims, etc. If you're using a slatted or screened bottom board, that's where most of your incoming ventilation will come from. If you're using a solid bottom board, then most of the incoming ventilation will be through your entrance. I don't open the reducer until the bees start lining up to get in. The reducer is more for protection and entrance control than ventilation adjustments.
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    If you started the new hive a month ago...I would assume they are now on drawn comb (or have drawn the foundation installed on) and they should be doing well enough by now to defend their entrance. If so, and the bees are building up and getting strong, I would recommend removing the entrance reducer or certainly at least opening it up to the next larger opening. If by last month, you mean just last week, then you should probably wait a bit yet.
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    a top entrance will greatly enhance ventilation. how much opening (top and bottom) will depend on the quantity of bees that are in the box to defend the hive's resources. that is if the hive has sufficent number to cover all frames then you can likly remove the entrance reducer altogether. if, on the other hand, the bees are only covering 3 or 4 frames then I might widen it a bit but definitely leave it in place.

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