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    Default bees not taking honey??

    I extracted 10 -12 frames of honey a month or so ago, when finished i set the supers out and the bees cleaned them up in a jiffy, now a month later i laid my extractor in a plastic tub and poured out what was left of the honey in it but the bees wont touch it?? funny thing, I strained the cappings in a paint filter bag and hung them up beside the extractor and they have covered it up..?? now why would they eat that honey from the bag and not the plastic tub??
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    Is there a good flow on? Bees prefer nectar over honey. When we first start pulling honey the bees fly right over the supers on the truck to get to whatever plant they are working, but by the end of the season, once the flow stops we need to keep everything buttoned up tight or they will be all over the truck.

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    Yup to the above. Fresh nectar is the preferred food. Honey to a bee is like hard tack to a sailor.
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    Yep, during the Mesquite flow, I often keep a frame of honey in an empty super, out of the sun, but not covered. On any given day there are less than a dozen bees working on it. Once it gets lots of attention I know the flow is over.
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