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    Question Another trap out question

    The bees have stopped coming out the wire funnel trap, and found a hole in the flashing around the fireplace. I finally got that hole pluged using pine tree twigs. The trapped out bees were hanging like swarms this afternoon, so I moved the catch hive up closer, so they would find the other trapped out bees going into the catch hive. If the bees can't find another hole to exit, or get back in, How long should I wait before removing the blocked entrances, so they can start robbing out the trapped out house hive? I know there is still some bees in the brick house with the queen.

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    When you plug the last hole, you begin the countdown. It is like setting a new trap at that time. You should silicone over the twigs and begin your countdown at that time. Once there are no bees entering the structure, nor exiting, for a week, you can remove the cone.


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