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    Default Bee Suppliers and a Happy Story.

    A few weeks ago I received six packages form Gardner’s Apiaries. During the installation I discovered that the cork opposite the candy plug was missing and low and behold the queen was also. Hoping that she had been in the package long enough to be accepted I installed the package. On day four I took a peek to check if the queens had been released. And discovered that the hive in question was empty of bees. The queen had obviously had been killed and during the installation all the bees had drifted to other newly installed hives.
    I called Gardner’s and talked to a very pleasant young lady, and was told that when the boss returned she would relay the message.
    On Thursday morning, my wife asked had if I had heard anything from the Bee supplier and I said no, and feeling a little discussed I would have to call them again thinking I was simply being ignored. Just then the post office called and said your bees are here you can pick them up at the back door. Happily I found a healthy package of bees with a robust queen, they are Happily in their new abode with good weather and abundant nectar flow on.
    Just thought I would share this story after reading several threads on unhappy experiences with bee suppliers around the country. I have done business for three years with Gardner’s and will continue to do so, I is a valuable thing to find honest business folks. And they sell great bees to boot. The ten packages I installed last year all survived the winter and are getting heavy as I write this.
    Gardner’s Apiaries.
    510 Patterson Rd.
    Baxley, Ga. (912-367-0352)
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    Its actually great when a business or supplier does good business!!!
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