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    Default Laying worker fix

    I purchased a package about 5 weeks ago. After my first and second week checks I could not find a queen and no eggs. On week three I found no queen and multiple eggs and in each cell. I started looking around and found that JoeMcc had the same problem and is close to where I live. He gave me a great deal on a nuc box. I took the old hive as far as I could get it in my yard and dumped the bees out. I then took it back to its old position and hived the nuc box.

    It's been a week so I took a look and found the marked queen from the nuc box. She's been very busy. I found a lot of single eggs and capped brood.

    I think I may have beat the odds of replacing a laying worker.

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    Thats what my local bee inspector suggested a couple years back when I had a queenless hive, however, that was in July, little bees and no queens available. Hopefully, everything works out good.
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    Glad that its working....

    I just sent another NUC to my step dad's house with the same problem.

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