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    Default Swarm Trap -- height

    It's been debated and discussed on how high to place swarm traps.
    Here's something to share with the group.

    I had a fence line between two open fields with a band of trees about
    20 feet wide. In this fence line I place three traps. Two box-style,
    six-frame nuc box traps hung on trees, in the range of 8' to 10' high,
    then a single brood box set on a hive stand about about 12" off the
    ground. All three traps had a few frames of old comb and a pheromone

    As I checked them today, it was the brood box 12" high that caught a
    swarm. There are too many factors between a nuc box and a brood box to
    state with certainty that one MUST place traps 8' to 10', but I was
    pleased not to have to get my ladder to take this hive home.

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    Default swarm trap

    I have set out nuc boxes with swarm lure from mann lake. Not real impressed i set eight traps six are from eight to twelve feet high two are within twenty feet of the hives with no success. Two are either within one or three feet above the ground with no hive location known and they have caught the two swarms that i have caught. dont quite get it but if i catch one more swarm they will pay for themselves
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    it is a lot like fishing. Not catching any? Move them.
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    I have caught about 12 this year set at waist height and four at head height.
    Last year one at ground level, this year one the same. The ones not caught at waist height are the only ones I set at that height. I put them where it is convenient with no concern about height. Top of tables, top of walls, top of wood piles, bottom of tree trunks, pallet racks, tractor hoods, up turned valve boxes, it all works the same. And sunny seems better than shady. And I caught four in Styrofoam fish boxes, so quash that idea that Styrofoam doesn't work.
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    I have caught one swarm in a box that I know about. It was at about 9 feet up. Far from scientific because nearly all of mine are at that height, but just wanted to throw it out there.


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