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    Default Is it okay to add two shallow supers at once

    I am trying to follow Walt Wright's Nectar Management approach (checkerboarding system) exactly on my hives. He uses one deep and two shallow supers for brood. I've got 2 hives that have drawn out most of the deep box, and they neeed supers added. Also, they are Russian queens, which, by reputation anyway, like to have plenty of room before they draw comb and to prevent swarming.

    I have always heard to add one super at a time. However, would it be a mistake to add two shallows at once, since that's not much different than adding a sngle deep? Both shallows will hopefully be devoted to brood, so I don't really care whether they go up before they go out. Does this make any difference?


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    Default if you got'em, use 'em

    I think it would depend on the expected flow over... say the next 30 days. also distance, time and money between trips might encourage you to 'super 'em high'. the only time to really pull foundation is during a modest to good flow. the downside for me would be I might wish to hold a few boxes back when I ran across a boomer.

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    If you are adding shallows with foundation I would add only one at a time. use the 80 percent rule. Once 8 out of 10 frames are drawn add the 2nd. Are you adding shallows or mediums. I havent heard of any body using shallows for brood.

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    Once you have two deeps full of bees and brood and comb (or the equivalent mediums) you can, and should, pile on the supers.
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