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    Default queen cell swarm cell.....

    What is the difference between swarm cell, queen cells, and supercedure cells, and how do you tell them apart?

    thank you jay burgess capecod ma

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    Default queen cells vs.swarm cells

    A queen cell looks like a peanut schell,you can!t mistake it from the others.If it is swarm cells, their will several cells hanging on the bottoms of several frames,I have seen a dozen or more.If it is supercedure cells,their will usally be 2 to 4 queen cells, sometimes more,but they will usally be mixed ln with the brood or up in the top bar area.Hope this helps.A lot of times when you think you know what they are doing, you don!t.good luck.

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    Look at the location, the number and the context. The location is one clue. Most swarm cells are on the bottoms of frames. But sometimes other types are too. Most supersedure cells are up in the middle or towards the top. Emergency cells might be anywhere. Swarm cells are usually very numerous. Emergency cells are less so. Supersedure cells are less numerous also. Swarm cells are more likely shortly before the main flow or when the hive is really crowded. It's seldom you see swarm cells if the hive isn't pretty populous.
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