We are novice beekeepers, our first hive this year. Things were going great until we found dead and dying bees crawling all over our garden. This is now tapering a week later. Based on reading in a bunch of ag extension sites, we are pretty sure we've had a pesticide kill and the pesticide is most likely carbaryl. We suspect a neighbor's ChemLawn service, but have no concrete evidence for this.

When we looked in the hive today we found no eggs, although plenty of bees, and scant brood. I thought I might have seen two queen cells at the bottom of one frame.

Our reading has lead us to believe that most large scale beekeepers just write off a hive like this but since it's our only hive we'd rather try to save what's left if it's possible. We have started feeding, both to reduce the need to forage on the poisoned blossoms and also to help the hive through the stress. We are considering requeening as well.

Does anyone have experience trying to save a pesticided hive? Is requeening likely to help? Would adding package bees help? Is there anything else we are missing?:confused:

Thanks in advance for your help.