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    Default new Nuc Problems advise please !

    We bought 2 nuks brought them back 5 hr drive .(warm weather tried to make sure they stayed cool and ventlated the best we could )When we got home gently moved the frames to our hive bodies there was no visible damage from the move . The hive are behind the house morning sun afternoon shade plenty of forage
    Nuk A had 3 full frames brood honey caped cells did't study to carefully. I just wanted them to settle down and make them selves at home enough trauma .

    Nuk B was light on the one of the frames the out side of one frame was near bare . And also 1/2 as many bees as the other nuk plus this nuk had 2 supercedural cells on the middle of the middle frame .
    Nuk A & B both seemed to expand in numbers very well . We have a top feeder in both just to make they have enough .

    Yesterday afternoon ( a little over a week home ) stopped to watch the hives and noticed the queen was dead out side the hive with 5-10 bees around her . They basically drug her to the edge and tossed her out .

    I opened the hive up remembering it had the queen cells wanted to see if they were there or if she had emerged . I couldnt find a trace of the big cells i had seen a week before . So far no weird hums or actions from the hive B . There was alot of building that has happened in a week on the frames . All the frames were totally covered with bees 4:00 about

    I have read where they can abort a supercedueral when hives have changes .
    Me and my wife are to new of beekeepers for this . Since this is the smaller of the 2 nuks we are very concerned !

    1 How long do we wait to take action?
    2 Do we wait for nature to take its course ?
    4 Should we requeen ?
    5 What definitive signs do we need to look for before requeening or to let nature take its course .
    6 If they aborted the cells shouldnt we hear a queen less hum both hives sound exactly the same so far neither hive is aggressive .

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    Are there eggs in Nuc B? If so there is no need to panic. The bees will know what to do if they are queenless. If there are no eggs then you may have to wait a couple of weeks. As you could have a virgin queen who will need to mate before laying any eggs.

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    It sounds like two queens emerged and only one lived to tell about it.

    Like Yuleluder says, wait two weeks and see what happens.

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    what iddee and yuleluder said...

    if one nuc is a bit better provisioned than the other you might wish to move some brood from one nuc to the other (upon the next manipulation). at that point where you expect there may be a new or just emerged queen you are best advised to just leave it alone for some time since manipulation may endanger a new queen or virgin (the two weeks iddee and yuleluder suggested would also be my advice).


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