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Thread: Good news?

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    Cool Good news?

    Even I get a surprise now and then.
    Bullseye Bill in The Scenic Flint Hills , KS

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    KS Extension hasn't published anything new on bees (that I am aware of) since 1978. Our great state is behind the 8-ball bee wise, but now it sounds like they want to catch up. A friend in Missouri said the Mo. Dept. of Ag. has been strongly promoting bee keeping for over a year. They always promoted bee keeping, but he says Mo. Ag. Dept is actively asking people to start hobby or commercial bee keeping.

    I like seeing Ks. at the state level finally putting bees back on some sort of priority. There's a new awakening to the value of bees and I for one am glad to see you're part of the good press! Keep it up!

    We're getting lots of swarm calls comapred to past years and everyone asks 'you're gonna "take" them and not kill them, right?' A couple of years back it was more like 'we called an exterminator to take care of them...'


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