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    Default Newbee question - bees outside of hive entrance

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for some opinions on the following observations:

    This is my first year beekeeping. I setup one hive on May 17th. Everything seems to be going well. The bees are bringing in pollen and have been for almost a week now. In the late evening I notice that all of the bees go back into the hive.

    The second hive was setup this past Friday, May 23rd. I opened the hive today to check to see if the queen had been released. She hadn't. I removed the cork and placed the cage back in the hive. That was at 10am. Oh, they also had three frames that were partially drawn out and the bees, in general, seemed to be happy. However, this afternoon I noticed that there were roughly 20 bees sitting on the outside of the hive on the entrance reducer. There were bees coming and going but none with pollen on them. I took the dog out for a walk about 15 minutes ago (9:45pm - well after dark) and noticed that the bees were still on the outside of the hive.

    On to my big question... Anyone wish to chime in with their $.02 as to why the bees on one hive are hanging outside the hive while those on the other are tucked inside theirs? I doubt this is anything to be concerned with but I thought I'd write to see what people think and if you have experienced this habit. I've searched the threads but I haven't found anything with info on this. Maybe I wouldn't be concerned if I only had one hive but it's nice to have two so I can compare them.

    As always, thanks for your input!

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    Bees will be bees.

    As time goes on, I'm gonna wager (hypothetically), you'll see lots more variations of behavior.
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    Default newwbee

    You sound just like I did a few weeks ago! Same scenario and same questions!!! They turned out fine, just give them some time to get aquainted w/ the new surroundings. Not sure but I think mine where new bee's from the nucs brood. They got it together and are working great now!!! Good Luck.

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    Default Newbee question

    It could be that the bees were cooling off. As the weather gets hotter, you will see this activity more often. In warm weather, don't be surprised to see outside the entrence day and night. Once your bees build up, taking the entrence reducer off will help the bees keep cool inside the hive.
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