Not the easy, hang off a limb type. Let's talk about those wrapped up in a twiggy tree. I've had two this year. Both in live oaks, both were a bit hot, flying and stinging when I tried to brush them onto a piece of plywood and into the hive. The one last night just at sunset was very hot. Ever time I touched them, thousands of bees hit the air and covered me up. The only thing I know to do with a wrapped up swarm is brush or scoop bees and dump them into the hive. I've tried spraying with syrup and lemon grass. It doesn't do much. Both times I was lucky enough to dump the queen into the hive and the rest eventually followed. I left half of them in the tree last night, but this morning the homeowner reports that they are all in the box. So, what other methods do you have up your sleeve that I'm not thinking of? These are mostly 10-12 foot subdivision trees. I would basically have to top them out to cut the bees out and I hate to ruin a tree like that.