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    Smile Greetings from South Australia.

    Let me introduce myself.

    I am relatively new to Beekeeoing but have learnt a lot by reading and doing. However I have also learnt alot from the mistakes I have made.

    When I see some of the videos posted on the web I have to cringe at event some of the so called experts.

    Nobody knows it all.

    I joined this forum because I have some ideas that I thought might benefit the industry as a whole. I am not professing to be an expert by any means. I merely wanted to put forward some ideas in relation to Colony collapse disorder and the health of Bees in general.

    Hopefully there are some fellow apiarist's who are open to new ideas.

    I have placed a seed in the following post:-

    Possibly I should have started a new post but it seemed to fit here. If the moderator sees fit it may be moved.

    I was hoping to generate some discussion and hopefully together we can find a solution.



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    Bring on the new ideas. With changing times new is good. Tony


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