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    Default Any Package Bees left to Buy?

    Hi Folks,
    I am looking for some bees. I know that it is late in the season but I have decided to try to get some more bees. I am only looking for 2 or 3 packages. If anyone knows where I might find, please let me know.

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    Default Package Bees


    It will be interesting to see what replies are received. Most on-line sites I check are "sold out" for 2008. I found one that may have some, but have not called so its a shot in the dark.

    Nice to see other Bee guys in Colorado. I was hoping to pick up a nuc or two on the front range, or anywhere close, but haven't been able to locate anyone. Hard for people to understand winter just ended last week for us so we start a little behind the rest of the nation.

    Good luck.

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    what is the going rate for nuc's in colo?
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    Default bees

    try mountainvalleybees, alan buckley i belive has some left , he often comes here so u might want to try to get ahold of him , the man has some really good bees .scott
    scott ellis

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    To moonlightbeekeeper,
    I have seen them as cheap as $60 for #3 pak when bought with the norther colorado beekeepers yearly order.

    So far my best bet so far is with in Fort collins
    They sell both package bees or nucs. $115 for a nuc with at least five frames of bees in a ten frame deep super and a new queen from big island queens in hawii and $70 for a 3 lbs package with a queen mated in colorado.

    I am still waiting to hear back for others here and from the beemaster forum to see if I can beat it. I don't think that I will. They are so close to me as well so no shipping charge.

    thanks Alfred

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    As of early last week he was taking orders for a May 28th ship date.

    Waldo Ohio Apiaries
    George Taylor
    PO Box 122
    Kilbourne, OH 43032

    Office Contact #740-524-6241
    Cell Phone Contact # 740-815-7792

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    I got some from Waldo. Take note I am a new beekeeper. but I have been very happy with them so far. VERY gentall As Far as I know he get them from Hardeyman (SP) out of Georgia.


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