I have ordered the following breeder queens in the past three years....

2005 (1)Russian

2006 (1)Russian
(1)Carni - (alive)
(1) Russian/SMR

2007 (1)Russian
(1)Carni - (alive)

I have used some as breeders and some for stocking drone yards. What I find interesting is that only two are still going. The 2006 and 2007 carni's. The rest were put through the same criteria as my overwintered nucs. I have had great success with the queens raised from all the breeder queens, except the SMR/SMR breeder queen which was a flop from the start. I have also used other breeder stock from the USDA russian program and a few other places. But these were A/I queens I listed above. So I do not really expect them to last more than a season or two. But I did find it interesting that the two carni's are still kicking.

This year, I did not add any breeder queen A/I stock, and have continued to select from my survivors.