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    Default Give wax to new package??

    A friend just started beekeeping and she was sold a small block of wax to put in with her new package. I told her I didn't think bees recycled wax but had to make it from scratch from the wax glands. Who's right? Many thanks....david cromwell

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    They recycle wax to a small extent. I've never seen them eat a block of it nor have I seen them clean up cappings left out. But they will chew up foundation and move it around or chew up old comb and move it around. Giving them wax does not seem to make any significant difference. They are more likely to haul bits of wax (such as cappings) out for trash than to recycle it. A big block they would probably just ignore. Look on a bottom board in the spring at how much cappings there are there. They don't reuse them. They leave them or haul them out the door.
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