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    My first attempt to leave a posting failed and so this will be the abridged version...

    IMHO in the first case - Find the Queen and put her below an Excluder in the Brood chamber. the Drones will hatch in 24 days and then the cells filled with honey as the queen can no longer get to them. (Bees do not have to waste valuable honey and time building new comb.)

    The following will need to be done in order to acheive this -

    Firstly Close the bottom entrance and make an entrance above the excluder. This will alow the Drones to escape once they emerge.

    Secondly a drone escape will need to be made from the Brood Chamber. this could be a simple as a 3/8 hole drilled of as extravegant as a drone escape funnel.

    Note: It is not necessary to change to entrance arrangements if you do subscribe to the "Honey Excluder" principle but then you will have to provide a drone excape above the Excluder in the interim period. This could be removed later.

    What this may acheive:-

    If you believe that the excluder is a "Honey Excluder" this allows the workers unobstructed access to the Honey Super.

    It may be likely that less honey is stored in cells in the Brood chamber meaning more room for the queen to lay translating to more workers to gather more nectar.

    Advantages as I see them is that the queen is confined to the brood and no chance of her laying in the honey supers and disrupting extraction. Secondly honey production just might increase.

    Something to think about!

    Regards from downunder.

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