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    Default Package on drawn comb: timing

    Hi All,
    I hived two packages on drawn comb. Right now, they are in one deep each. The queens were released a few days ago, by Saturday. We have a decent flow on--apples, dandelions, etc., weather has been ok for flying so far, and I see the bees bringing in nectar and pollen.

    Do you think they'll be ready for a second deep a week after queen release, since they're already on drawn comb? Or should I check them more quickly? I don't want to disturb them unnecessarily, but I also don't want the girls to get too crowded.

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    Even on drawn comb it will take them at least two weeks to get a deep pretty well filled with brood and nectar and pollen. It might take a good deal more. I wouldn't add a box until that's 80% full.
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