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    Default pavlov's theory in action

    Took a trip to the bee yard today, which including watching the 2 beef cows of the land owner. They are truly large animals with a soft and friendly disposition, know me as I water them, and were in the area of the hives today just grazing peacefully.

    As both follow each other, one came to the frontal area of the hive and the other was of course close by. The closer one approached to with-in 12/15 feet in front of one of the hives. The bees flight pattern and visual cues definetly included these 2 big black shapes.

    After several minutes I had the opportunity to watch a 1000+ pound steer do the 50 yard dash, with the pursuit and direction of an Olympic champion.
    What a sight! Luckily, the animal had solid footing in his dash, as I had concern that it might lose footing and break a leg or more.

    I have reduced worries now about the grazing in the hive area.
    The simple sting or two he received will be remembered.

    Natures lessons are sometime long lasting, even for cows.
    Another Pavlov lesson of life.

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    The hives we have and have had in pastures never bothered the cows as far as I know. I can't say that the cows didn't bother the hives, however. We always have to fence them off or the ol' bovines will rub their necks on the hives and tip them right off the stands.


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