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    Default BassWood sections for comb honey


    I was going to order some basswood sections/supers for comb honey but before I do maybe someone could answer a question or two.

    When the sections are full of comb honey is it better to cut out the individual combs, from the basswood sections, wrap them in clear cellophane and place each into a window carton? Or is it better to leave the combs attached to the basswood sections then wrap the combs/basswood sections with clear cellophane and place each in a window carton?

    I am not sure which is the better way to do 'it'.

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    The whole point is to get them in the wood sections. If you just want cut comb, then don't waste your money buying the sections and don't waste your efforts to get them to draw comb in them. It's much easier to get them to draw comb in frames.
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