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    Default pail feeder lid question

    OK, I`ve got my inner covers. One side has a deep edge and the other side has a shallow edge. The deep edge will face the frames because I want room to put in a patty. The inner cover has a 3 inch hole to give the bees access to a pail feeder. I`ve read to elevate the pail with sticks or something to give bees room. Now my question is why? Is it because they need to stand on the inner cover to feed (in which case I will need to drill the 1/16 inch holes along the outside of the lids, as opposed to the middle). Or, do the bees drink from the center, that is within the 3 inch hole of the inner cover. In that case I will need to drill the holes in the middle of the lids. And.... if that`s true then why bother elevating the feeder?

    I hope I`m not complicating things. It`s hard to explain in words. I guess another way to ask this is do the bees feed by sucking out syrup as they hover within the 3 inch hole? I don`t know where to drill the holes in the lids.

    Thanks to all that reply.

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    No need to elevate the bucket. They will feed from the bucket. The cling upside down just fine.


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