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Thread: How long?

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    Default How long?

    About how long does it take for the bees to draw out and fill a 5 frame medium? And same for deep 5 frame, how long?:confused:
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    A deep frame or more a day is possible.

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    Comb building depends on many conditions. The age of the bees in the hive, younger bees are wax makers. The race of bees, some seem to be better comb builders than others I have found that Italians seem to better comb builders than Russians. And most important nectar flow without a good nectar flow they will sharply decrease comb building. I have read it takes seven pounds of honey for them to produce one pound of wax.
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    There are so many variables to even answer a question like that...

    1. How strong is the colony?
    2. Is there a good flow? If not are you feeding?
    3. What is the weather like? Constantly warm or interspersed w/ cool rainy days?
    4. Is it wax or plastic?
    5. Did you bait the box? (Drawn comb of honey or some brood up into it?)
    6. Is the queen young and vigorous?
    7. What race of bees? Some will draw comb better than others.
    8. What part of the season? Early spring, peak flow, late summer?
    9. Did you top super or bottom super?
    10. How many supers are already on the hive? Is there still plenty of room elsewhere?

    I'm sure there are other factors... these just quickly came to mind.

    The only answer I can give you is.... "It depends"

    I've had a supers drawn, filled and capped in 5-6 days. Others have sat for a month and they didn't do much with it at all.
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    I just installed my two nucs yesterday. When I checked on them today the bees had were nearly finished with a side of one of the frames I checked (I didn't check them all). A few bees had started on some other frames too. Sure didn't take them long to get settled in.
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