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    Default Brushy 20 frame extractor

    Anyone had a chance to try out Brushy's new 20 frame extractor?

    I am interested in purchasing a 18-20 frame extractor this year and trying to weigh the advantages/disadvantages between the less expensive Italian type extractors that Brushy and Mann Lake sell (plastic reels) compared to the apparent beefier 20 frame extractors that Dadant/Maxant sell. It seems this new 20 frame unit that Brushy is selling might be competing with the extractors from Dadant/Maxant.
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    I have a used 20 frame Dadant. I wouldn't want anything lighter in a 20. Loaded with frames, they produce a fair amount of torque and vibration. Lighter would shake apart sooner in my opinion, and be harder to anchor. The Dadant has welded steel reels.


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