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    Default Germany bans Bayer chemicals linked to honeybee devastation

    The suspended products are: Antarc (ingredient: imidacloprid; produced by Bayer), Chinook (imidacloprid; Bayer), Cruiser (thiamethoxam; Syngenta), Elado (clothianidin; Bayer), Faibel (imidacloprid; Bayer), Mesurol (methiocarb; Bayer) and Poncho (clothianidin; Bayer).

    Beekeepers and agricultural officials in Italy, France and Holland all noticed similar phenomena in their fields when planting began a few weeks ago. The use of these pesticides has also affected the population of wild bees and other insects, prompting the Coalition against Bayer-dangers to demand that the pesticide maker withdraw all neonicotinoids from the market worldwide.

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    As far as I'm concerned the USA could not act fast enough to get Bayer Advanced products off the shelves and out of the country. Any product that kills anything that gets on a plant,shrub or tree for up to one year is just too deadly to be out in the market place luring unsuspecting or ignorant or lazy individuals with perceived insect problems. WJPowers

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    It seems the problem is with treated seed. When the seed is being planted, the grain drills abrade the seed causing a toxic dust that drifts onto the surrounding foliage and nectar/pollen sources. They have pretty well documented the devastaing effect it has had on nearby beehives. It appears that a lot of testing went into proving that the plants emerging from the treated seed did not present a danger to pollenators, but it would seem that they overlooked (or ignored) a pretty important undesirable side effect of they way the seed is planted using grain drills or similar planting equipment.
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