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    Default Spring Feeding Questions

    I installed my first package of bees today. Everything I've read has said to use a 1:1 ratio for spring syrup...EXCEPT for the directions that came with the bottle of Fumidil I bought - that said 2:1 for new packaged bees. So I fed them 2:1 syrup.

    What could go wrong?
    Why is 1:1 recommended for spring?
    Wouldn't the higher sugar content help the bees draw out the foundation faster?

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    1:1 more resembles necter wich is what the bees are expecting and looking for right now
    2:1 closer to honey to build stores late season.
    Consider not using Fumidil? There are tons of things you can feed, spray or otherwise give to your bees but it doesn't mean you have to.
    The only thing I ever give my bees is syrup and 100% pollen. Works for me and its cheaper.

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    2:1 will not hurt them. As you suggest, it has more "BTUs", which might be useful to a new package. As Hanover Honey says, the thinner syrup is closer to a nectar flow and meant to be more stimulative to the bees.

    There are different general philosophies out there on treatment for bee ailments. One is to give preventative treatment on a regular basis, the other is to only treat when you know you have a problem. Some won't treat no matter how many hives they lose. With Nosema Ceranae, you can't see a problem until they are in serious trouble. To diagnose Nosema C., you really need to look for spores, either yourself or by sending samples in to be tested. Many beeks are choosing to do routine preventative Fumidil treatment, even though it is expensive, to be on the safe side. There is a good chance your package supplier fed Fumidil as a matter of course already.

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    >What could go wrong?


    >Why is 1:1 recommended for spring?

    The reason given is that it more closely resembles nectar and the belief is that resembling nectar it will stimulate brood rearing. Even if this is true, you don't need to stimulate a package to rear brood. They will.

    >Wouldn't the higher sugar content help the bees draw out the foundation faster?

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