I started this on another thread but I still have some questions. I installed a screen cone on what I felt was the main entrance of a colony that has been in the second story walls of a house for at least 20 years. The kitchen addition on the back of this house allows me to place a bait hive next to the cone. I caulked what I felt were all of the other entrances (wrong). I didn't place a brood and eggs comb in the bait hive at first. Just old comb. I was advised to do this and last evening did so. This afternoon the bait hive is boiling with bees and more are still pouring out the cone (and it seems another found entrance). Should I remove this hive and place another in it's place with a brood and eggs comb? If I continued to do this a few times will I weaken the existing hive to the point that the queen will eventually leave? Any advice?