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    Question If queen not present, what next?

    On April 12, I attempted an experiment wherein I took three frames having mostly capped brood cells, and two capped queen swarm cells, and placed them into the upper of two deep brood boxes. The rest of the frames are empty supercell frames. I opened up the box yesterday, and saw as many, if not more, bees than were originally with the frames when I did the transfer. I did not look for the queen, which I won’t do until at least this Sunday, because of my 9 to 5 job. If I cannot find a queen, and I see only drone cells or cells with multiple eggs, indicating egg laying workers, should I

    (1) take the frames a good distance away, shake them off the frames, and hope that the non-egg laying workers find their way back to the other hives that are next to this one, or
    (2) just let this hive die off naturally, as it will in a matter of months, or
    (3) use the newspaper method and place this brood box over a queen-right hive?

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    how about option (4) buy a queen.


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